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The IIIF RDF Extractor reads JSON-LD files conforming to the International Image Interoperability Framework. To use the IIIF RDF Extractor, select the menu item File > Extract > Simple RDF formats > IIIF JSON-LD extractor...

The JSON-LD format is in the end an RDF serialisation format and as such, the extractor is a slightly modified RDF importer. Most commonly used RDF predicates are cleanly converted to equivalent topic maps structures. However, the imported data may contain any RDF triplets whatsoever and some might be lacking special handling instructions. These will be imported as generic RDF triplets the same way RDF import does.

You can also import IIIF JSON-LD with the generic RDF import tool, you will then get all the triplets in the raw format without any processing.

See also IIIF Export.

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