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Wandora's web service topic map enables Wandora to connect remote topic maps served over Wandora's web service. As an effect Wandora user can access topic maps locating in remove Wandora applications. Wandora application can be a server and a client same time.

See also Embedded HTTP server and Wandora Web Service.

Webservice connection.gif

You should consider web service topic map implementation as an experimental feature that is still very unfinished! Many Wandora features such as search has no web service topic map implementation yet, and eventually causes java exception!


Setting up a server

In order to use web service topic maps, one requires a Wandora application with axis server option enabled, and server started. To enable axis server option check Wandora server configuration at Server > Server settings. A Checkbox labeled Enabled on axis box should be ticked. Also check the exported layer. Root stack option shares all layers in your Wandora. See example below.

Webservice configure server.gif

Now you have configured Wandora server. Next step is to start Wandora server. Select Server > Start server. The icon on bottom right corner of Wandora window should turn green. Now your Wandora server is waiting for connections.

Webservice server wandora.gif

Setting up a client

When you have a Wandora server available, you can start another Wandora application, on a remote computer for example. Select Layers > New layer. A dialog opens up, select type Web service. If your server locates in localhost, enter name for your layer. If you have a remote server Wandora, change also host. Example image is shown below.

Webservice create layer.gif

After you created a web service layer, Wandora tries to connect the server. If connection was successfully established, you should see a new topic map layer with remote topic map.

Webservice client wandora.gif

Limitations and known issues

  • At the moment you can't modify remote topic maps! Client can only read served topic maps! Client shows the shared layer locked and user can't open the lock.

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