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Wandora's New York Times Event Search API extractor makes an request to the New York Times Event Search API and converts the response to topics and associations. As with all other data in Wandora the extracted topics and associations may be modified, merged and visualized with the tools provided in Wandora.

The extractor is located in the event search tab of the dialog found in File > Extract > News > New York Times API extractor

The extractor mirrors the API in the sense that it provides a geographical and a faceted as well as time based filtering method in addition to the free text search used to query the API.

The user has to sign up for a personal API key in order to use the API. Wandora doesn't store your api-key between use sessions. Use of the extracted information is subject to the API Terms of Use.


Below the user searches for events where the facet category is "Jazz" and the limit for the amount of events extracted is 200. The results are first shown in Wandora and then in the browser using the Timeline service module

Nyt event extractor 01.png

Nyt event extractor 02.png

Nyt event extractor 03.png

Nyt event extractor 04.png

Nyt event extractor 05.png

Nyt event extractor 06.png

Nyt event extractor 08.png

Nyt event extractor 09.png

Nyt event extractor 10.png
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