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Wandora's timeline service module is used to visualize RSS, Atom, Email , New York Times events API, New York Times article API, Oma kaupunki,YouTube and Twitter extractions. The timeline service module is based on the Simile Timeline project. Wandora transforms extracted topics and associations into Simile Timeline JSON format and passes the created data structure to the Timeline Javascript library. The module's alias is timeline. Using the module requires that the Wandora's embedded HTTP server is started and the module is activated. Timeline is accessed at the URL

The timeline service module demonstrates building an HTML and Javascript visualization that uses Wandora's topic map API. It is a known issue that many other Wandora extractors would also work nicely in the timeline visualization. We welcome extensions to the timeline service module.


In this example Wandora's Twitter extractor is selected from File > Extract > Social > Twitter extractor and a Twitter extraction is performed using the hashtag #topicmaps. Next Wandora's RSS 2.0 extractor is selected from File > Extract > News > RSS 2.0 extractor and an RSS extraction is performed from the URL http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/Technology.xml. Finally Wandora's embedded server is started from Server > Start server and timeline service module is opened from Server > Browse services > View service timeline. Wandora opens up the generated timeline in a browser with the address

Timeline example 01.gif

Timeline example 02.gif

Timeline example 03.gif

Timeline example 05.png

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