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Variant names are alternative names for topics. Single topic may contain multiple different variant names. Usually variant names differ in language. Wandora can translate variant names using Microsoft Translator. Variant names can be translated

  • In variant name field by right clicking the field and selecting context menu option Translate with Microsoft....
  • In topic panel by selecting menu option Topics > Variant names > Translate with Microsoft....
  • In context of any topic selection by right clicking the selection and selecting context menu option Topics > Variant names > Translate with Microsoft....
  • In context of topic map layer by right clicking the topic map and selecting context menu option Topics > Variant names > Translate with Microsoft....

A valid Microsoft Bing Developer API Key is required to perform Microsoft translations in Wandora. You may apply your API key here.


In this example Wandora user has found a topic named Finnish language. She opens the topic to Traditional topic panel and chooses menu option Topics > Variant names > Translate with Microsoft. Wandora opens up a dialog where she can choose the source and target languages. Source language specifies which variant name is sent to the translation service. Target languages specify a wish list of translations the user wants to receive. In our example the user chooses English as the source language and Finnish, French, German and Swedish as targets. Wandora user also chooses to create all necessary topics as she knows Wandora doesn't contain language topics for French and German. Finally user presses the Continue button. Microsoft Translator service requires a Bing Developer Api Key and Wandora asks it next. User needs to enter the API Key only once. Wandora remembers the key over a single use session. If you exit Wandora application, the key is also forgotten. If you entered wrong key by mistake, you can order Wandora to forget the key by starting the translation tool while keeping the CTRL key pressed. Once you have entered your API Key and pressed OK button, Wandora sends a request to Microsoft Translator and adds resulting names to the topic. As Wandora user didn't uncheck the option Mark translated text, Wandora adds a special mark [MICROSOFT TRANSLATION] to the end of the translations.

Microsoft translator example 01.gif

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