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In this article we'll go step-by-step, how set-up and use Wandora's Joomla Topic Reader module. Joomla Topic Reader module is used to publish Wandora content with Joomla content management system. Module is experimental and a general example of how to publish Wandora content in content management systems. To use this module in production environments, you probably have to modify the extra described here. To download Wandora's Joomla Topic Reader module see Extras section on download page. Wandora's Joomla module is distributed under GPL v3 license.



  • A working Joomla 1.5 installation.
  • Newest Wandora package.
  • Joomla Topic Reader module (Included in Wandora source code package in extras folder).

Setting up Joomla

  1. Download newest Joomla 1.5 installation package.
  2. Install Joomla by following the installation instructions included in the installation package.

Setting up Wandora

This section describes how to install and configure Wandora web server.

Installing Wandora

  1. Please see Wandora system requirements first
  2. Download the newest Wandora package
  3. Install Wandora
  4. Launch up Wandora

Configuring Wandora web server

  • Launch up Wandora if you haven't already
  • For testing purposes open any topicmap in Wandora. Inside Wandora select File > Open project... or Ctrl+L. From file browser navigate to Wandora installation folder > samples > ArtOfNoise > ArtOfNoise.wpr Open ArtOfNoise.wpr
Extras drupal open wandora project.png
  • Select Server > Server settings.... A popup should open; here you can adjust Wandora's HTTP Server settings
Extras drupal wandora server settings marked.png
  • Here there few things that interest us, mainly lines pointed by the red arrows (see the picture above). Port number indicated by top arrow is the port Wandora is going to use to output the server http://localhost:port_number/service. Below are service outputs offered by Wandora (the two red arrows below the first one), those are services we are going to use. If you scroll down the settings window, you'll see more services listed there, but only the axis service is needed.
  • Now test the Wandora server. Make sure you have an open topic (For example, you can just double click Schema type in leftmost window area), then select Server > Start server, if you find Stop server instead of Start Server under the Server dialog then the server is already running.
  • Finally let's test if everything works. Open up your internet browser and in location bar write http://localhost:8898/drupal_atom and hit Enter. If everything is working; you should see atom/rss feed displayed in browser. If nothing is displayed or there is an error message, then recheck Wandora Server settings and see the more in depth documentation for troubleshooting.

Wandora Joomla Topic reader - Module

Joomla Topic reader is a module that reads topic map from Wandora by connecting to SOAP service and builds a navigatable page out of it.

Joomla topic reader sample.png


  1. Go to your Joomla installations administration page, from there go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall section.
  2. Select browse from Upload Package File section and select file wandora_installation_folder/extras/joomla_topic_reader/plg_wantopic.zip, click upload file and install button to install the module package.
Joomla topic reader install.png


  1. From Joomla Administration page go to Module Manager section.
  2. There search for module named Wandora Topic Map Reader and edit it.
  3. In module editing page enable the Wandora Topic Map Reader
  4. You can also configure the module in this page. Here you can modify three settings; show instances only, default topic subject identifier and the SOAP client path.
  5. Option show instances, when enabled makes the module only display the instances of topic, taking only small amount space, otherwise the whole topic is shown with all it's properties.
  6. Default topic subject identifier specifies default topic the module loads. Change the subject identifier here to the topic which you want to be opened by default.
  7. SOAP client path is axis server path from Wandora which by default is http://localhost:8898/axis

Joomla topic reader params.png


To modify the background color of the generated tables:

  • Open joomla_topic_reader_folder/tmpl/default.css file
  • Modify for your liking the background-color and/or border parameters in these classes: .subtitle, .type and .cell.


To display any output make sure that module is enabled and it is set to a visible position. Also make sure that Wandora server is up and running.

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