Wandora application

Wandora is a desktop application to collect, store, manipulate and publish information, especially network model data and data about WWW resources. Wandora's data model is multilayered and based on Topic Maps. Addition to topic map formats, Wandora imports RDF and OBO (Open Biomedical Ontologies) files. Moreover, Wandora can extract topic maps out of various file formats and web services. Wandora contains over 50 different information extractors. These extractors include the Umbel concept search, The Guardian API extractor, Alchemy entity extractor, Bibtex extractor, Twitter extractor and SPARQL extractor. Wandora exports stored information in RDF, GraphML, DOT and many other data formats. Wandora has several information visualizations including a graph and a treemap. Wandora includes a HTTP server providing simple HTML visualizations and data APIs for the application and stored information. Wandora suits well for constructing and maintaining taxonomiesontologies, semantic networks and information mashups. Application areas include linked data, open data, data integration, business intelligence, data mining, information extraction, digital preservation, data journalism, artificial intelligence and knowledge representation. Wandora is written in Java. Wandora's license is GNU GPL.


Wandora 2015-02-03 out!


New Wandora release is out. Version 2015-02-03 enhances Wandora's user interface. Wandora's View menu has been restructured and features new panels: Search, Tree, Layer info and Drop extractor. Yes, Drop extractor is back! The release contains also numerous smaller fixes and enhancements.

New Wandora version released


New Wandora release (2014-11-24) features Watson translation API support, Alchemy face detection API extractor, enhanced occurrence view in Traditional topic panel. The release adds Spanish, German and French as a default languages for topic occurrences and names. The release contains numerous smaller enhancements and fixes.

Minor fixes and enhancements


Wandora's new release is available today (2014-09-25). Release contains minor fixes and enhancements. New features include Umbel concept search and extractors, and ReKognition scenery extractor.

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