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This page is a Wandora news archive. Page archives Wandora related news presented at Wiki's front page.


Wandora has now a brand new front page at . The page contains a news column too. From now on we use the front page news column as Wandora's official news column. This wiki news column is going to be archived and is not used actively any more. However, this wiki still plays an important role in Wandora's web presence as most documentation is here.


Some sharp-eyed visitors may have noticed Wandora's web site locates actually in Grip Studios Interactive's domain and server space. This has changed and Wandora site, including domains and, locate now in it's own server space. This change hopefully allows us to develop the Wandora's web presence further. Along the server change we have altered web addresses of the Wandora site. Most notable address change is the current absence of folder wandora. However, we have been careful and old web addresses should work too.


New Wandora release available. Release includes several interesting new features: Tool manager supports now JAR paths, Enhanced timeline visualization, iCal calendar format extractor, server modules for partition visualization, tree visualization and word cloud visualization, cylinder graph generator, lattice graph generator, New York Times Event API extractor, and a lot of bug fixes. See Change log.


Next Wandora version will be released 21st of June.


Wandora Team is proud to present yet another Wandora version (2012-04-30). This version features an enhanced Processing Topic Panel, two completely new sample sketches for the Processing topic panel: Sphere3D and Euclidean3D, three server modules for Wandora's embedded server: timeline, googlemaps, and d3graph. Last but not least, new version features a New York Times Article Search API extractor. See Change log.


Next Wandora version will be published 30th of April. Version features a navigable 3D graph visualization of a topic map (made with Processing topic panel) and server modules for timeline and geo-map visualizations.


Topic Map Export module for Drupal has been updated.


New Wandora version has been published today. See Change log. This release contains numerous bug fixes and few minor new features.


We plan to publish next version of Wandora application 29th of February. Release will be mainly a bug fix release.


Wandora Team is releasing a topic map conversion of The Service Map - Helsinki region public services. This vast information package reviews Helsinki city region services and can be used as a knowledge component in services requiring such information. The topic map of Helsinki region services will be part of our Topic Map Library.


Wandora's Firefox and Thunderbird plugin has been updated and works now on Firefox 9. Download updated plugin here. Notice also that the plugin in Wandora application distribution packages has NOT been updated yet.


Season's greetings from all of us at Wandora Team!


Wandora software packages have been updated to fix a bug in Wandora's file dialog. Wandora team would like to apologize the trouble and thank all bug reports! At least some people are really using the software. As this was quite a rapid fix, we didn't remove features under development and the release adds some new features to Wandora. These features are XTM topic map service module, JTM topic map service module, GRAPHML service module, RDF service module, and Screencast service module. Also, user can now upload and download resource data occurrences to/from Pastebin online clipboard service.


New Wandora version released today! See Change log. New features include Processing topic panel, R topic panel, Treemap topic panel, Twitter extractor and Oma kaupunki extractor.


Next Wandora application version will be released Wednesday 30th of November. Release features several interesting additions, such as Processing topic panel.


Wandora tutorial video reviewing SPARQL extractor, R console and Helsinki Region Infoshare (HRI) data: . Video is also available on wandoratv.


New Wandora version is available. See Change log.


Next version of Wandora application will be released 19th of September. Release contains bug and usability fixes.


This page has been viewed for more than 200000 times. Meanwhile our statistics page tells there has been a total of 1806183 -- almost two millions -- page views in WandoraWiki. Thanks to all visitors!


New Wandora released today. New features include R language integration and uClassifier. See Change log.


New tutorial videos in wandoratv. Flash plugin required.


Tiny teaser related to upcoming features: R language integration. Next version of Wandora application is released mid August.


Need a general purpose English thesaurus? Take a look at the Topic map conversion of Moby Thesaurus II.


Yet unofficial Topic Map Export module for Drupal is available!


New Wandora application release is available! New features include SPARQL extractor, JQuery Mobile based topic map browser, HelMet library data extractor, Microsoft Translator integration, Alchemy sentiment extractor and updated Drupal extras. See Change log for details.


Wandora Team participated an open-data-hackathon organized by a major Finnish news paper and media company Helsingin Sanomat. See what we did with Wandora.


Tiny teaser: Next Wandora version will be released 10th of June. Upcoming features include jQuery Mobile based topic map browser, Microsoft Translator integration, AlchemyAPI Sentiment Analysis integration and many more.


A minor bug fix and feature enhancement version of Wandora has been published today. See Change log.


A bug fix release of Wandora application has been published today. Thank you Patrick.


Wandora features now two embedded entity recognizers: GATE/ANNIE integration and Stanford Named Entity Recognizer integration.


Next Wandora version will be released 18th of March. Upcoming version features GATE Annie and Stanford Named Entity Recognizer integration.


A tiny bug fix release of Wandora has been published today. The bug was related to Wandora's Facebook extractor.


Wandora application has been updated today. New release includes interesting new features such as Any23 library integration, Zemanta extractor and Google translate API integration. Also, browser extractor interface has been refactored adding nearly all extractors in Wandora a capability to perform browser extractions. See Change log for additional information.


Next Wandora version will be released 18th of February 2011.


We are preparing new Wandora release. See upcoming features.


Season Greetings from Wandora Team!


New version of Wandora application has been released today. Release contains some minor feature enhancements related to Email extractor, Simple document extractor, Simple directory structure extractor, Simple PDF extractor and extractors. Enhanced extractors are more robust and generate cleaner topic maps compared to older versions.


Wandora users are probably interested in new tutorial Refining occurrences which documents some advanced features of Wandora used to distill topics and associations out of occurrences.


New Wandora version has been released today! New version features Maiana import and export, Asset weight of a topic, Yahoo! YQL term extractor, Yahoo! BOSS extractor and Tagthe extractor. Also, now Wandora user can batch refine large occurrence collections using previously released OpenCalais classifier, AlchemyAPI extractors and Geonames extractors. See Change log for additional information.


Wandora workshop at TMRA'10 was a success. Workshop slides Converting information to Topic Maps using Wandora are available here.


Wandora Team has released a new version of Wandora application featuring MARCXML and Facebook Graph extractors. Wandora Firefox plugin has been updated and works now on Thunderbird 3.x also.


Wandora Team invites all Wandora users and people interested in Wandora to the Converting Information to Topic Maps with Wandora tutorial @ TMRA 2010. Registration is open till September 10, 2010. Meet you at Leipzig.


Wandora is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of TMRA 2010 conference. TMRA is the advanced scientific and industrial forum connecting the key players in the Topic Maps community. TMRA 2010 will be held in Leipzig, Germany, 29 September - 1 October 2010.



Wandora Team is heading to enjoy Finnish mid-summer holiday Juhannus and summer vacation. Happy mid-summer. We'll be back in office mid-July.


Wandora Team has started investigating Netbeans platform as the framework for Wandora application. Eventually, if investigation results are positive, this means that Wandora will be a Netbeans platform based application. As our focus is now on platform change, we release Wandora updates less often. Our intention is to blog about the platform project progress frequently at Wandora forum. You can also subscribe to the blog feed.


New Wandora release has been published today. New release contains minor feature additions such as adjacency matrix export, STANDS4 API extractactor, and topic selection export. For a complete change list see Change log.


Find our TMRA 2009 workshop presentation Semantic Mashups with Wandora on SlideShare. Example data set is available for brave experimenters.


Happy New Year! New Wandora version has been released today! This is a minor feature release containing Wandora-Joomla bridge, Bing and Big Huge Thesaurus extractors, and adjacency/incidence matrix graph import. See change log for more details.

During the last days of 2009 the page view counter of Wandora Wiki's main page (this page) hit 100,000 views! At the same time there have been a total of 937,542 page views, and 6,164 page edits since the Wandora Wiki was setup. Wandora Team would like to thank you all Wandora Wiki viewers.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010. Quite a shocking to realize first decade of millenium is over.


Next Wandora release will be published 4th of January 2010. See Upcoming features for application changes. The upcoming features list is updated frequently as our view clears.


New Wandora application release has been published today. New version fixes custom topic tree bug, features URL occurrence download and check, and accepts URLs in XML/XSL imports.


Thank you for all Wandora Tutorial participants at TMRA'09. It was a pleasant occasion for Wandora Team. If a question popped to your mind during the tutorial but never got answered or you have other concerns using Wandora, please use Wandora forum or contact us directly at support character.gif Also, we'll release a bug-fix for Wandora during next few weeks fixing the NullPointerException faced during the tutorial. Bug and it's cause is described in detail in wiki page Open bugs.


Wandora's TMRA'09 tutorial version has been published today. New version has many bug fixes and new interesting features such as embedded web service and DBpedia extractor. See Change log for details.


Topic map conversion of Gene Ontology has been synchronized with current OBO release of Gene Ontology.


Next Wandora version will be published October 30, 2009. Peek Upcoming features. This release is used during TMRA'09 tutorial also.


Meet Wandora Team at TMRA 2009 conference where Aki Kivelä stages a Wandora tutorial with title Semantic Mashups with Wandora. In this hands-on tutorial participants are shown how to create and publish multidimensional information mashups with Wandora and open data sources such as GeoNames and YouTube.


Wandora Team is happy to announce yet another Wandora release. New version contains two important bug fixes, Wandora specific and non-standard query language interface, customizable buttons, experimental MusicBrainz extractor, enhanced drag'n'drop feature and numerous smaller changes. Wandora's browser plug-in has also been updated to work with Firefox 3.5. See Change log for details.


We are releasing next Wandora version 26th of August 2009. New version contains two important bug fixes: Neither file dialog nor topic tree causes application halts any more. Addition to bug fixes new version features a query language interface and customizable buttons.


Wandora Team is heading to enjoy Finnish mid-summer. We wish everybody sunny and cheerful summer. We'll get back to the desk in August. Expect next Wandora version to be released at the end of August.


New version of Wandora application has been released today. New release contains JTM (JSON Topic Maps) support, Gellish ontology extractor, and Subj3ct record extractor. Release fixes right mouse button on Macs and has been heavily refactored at the code level. See Change log for details.


Find Wandora a difficult application? No problem. Now you can watch Wandora hands-on-tutorials on wandoratv. First set of tutorial programmes show you how to create, find, and edit topics, create layers and use graph topic panel.


We are happy to announce yet another contribution to the collection of publicly available Topic Maps: Topic map conversions of Gellish ontologies.


Wandora application packages have been updated today. New release contains numerous bug fixes and some new extractors. See Change log for details.


Meet Wandora Team at The Third International Topic Maps Conference where Olli Lyytinen orchestrates a hands-on Wandora Workshop giving you a glimpse of knowledge mashup construction using Wandora Topic Maps editor application. Conference takes place March 18-19, 2009 in Oslo, Norway.


Wandora distribution packages were updated due to an error in described in Wandora forum. This bug fix affects only Mac OS users.


New version of Wandora application has been published today. New application version is a minor feature release. New features are String similarity search and Revert project for example. See Change log for details.


Next Wandora update will be published 2nd of February 2009. See upcoming features for changes.


Wandora Team wishes everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To make the season perfect grab Wandora application and create snowflake topic maps with L-system generator like we. This beautiful snowflake is also available as Wandora project file.

Snowflake topicmap.gif


Minor feature release! New Wandora has 9 different GeoNames extractors including search, near-by, hierarchy, weather, and country-info. New Wandora is also capable to convert various Ovi shared media feeds, and general Atom news feeds to topic maps. New release contains also L-system generator to construct topic map graphs. See Change log for details.


Wandora application was updated today! New application supports XTM 2.0, exports topic maps to SQL clauses, extracts from GeoNames, and generates hyper cube graphs for example. See Change log for details.


Wandora team has converted Finnish General Upper Ontology (YSO) to Topic Maps format.


Greetings! Ok, it's not 31st today but we'll release the new Wandora version anyway. You are welcome. New features have been listed here.


Wandora team is back in business. Expect next Wandora update to be released 31st August. Update contains at least OpenCyc Web API extractor, OpenCalais extractor, Firefox plugin to ease Web extractions, preview panel for videos, and last but not least GraphXML export.


Summer surprise: Topic map conversion of OpenCyc!


Have a Nice Summer! Wandora team is on summer vacation in July. We expect to get next Wandora update published late August and release update feature details in the beginning of August.


New application version available. We are happy to announce new Wandora version has been published today. New features include embedded HTTP server, YouTube,, and Digg extractors. and Flickr extractors have also been enhanced! Wandora also introduces two new topic map layer types: Query and Linked topic maps. See Change log for a complete list of changes.


Wandora team is happy to announce new version of Wandora application has been published today! New version introduces several different Flickr extractors, rewritten layer stack implementation, RIS, and VerbOcean extractors, and Graph Modeling Language export for example! See Change log for a complete list of changes.

Wandora team would also like to welcome new Wandora developer, Antti Tuppurainen. Antti's first works were the RIS and Flickr extractors.


Minor update for Wandora application introducing Topic Map patcher and enhanced compare feature.


New version of Wandora is available. Wandora's license has changed to GNU GPL. Source code distribution package is available at download page! The class path base of Wandora has changed to org.wandora. New version also introduces Compare topic maps feature!


Wandora's javadocs updated finally!

Upcoming next: Wandora is going open source! Wandora's license is changing to GNU GPL. We are refactoring the code base at the moment and plan to release next version before 7th of March.


Wandora application updated! Update introduces programmable Custom topic panel for advanced topic map queries. Update also fixes some bugs found in OBO import.


New version of Wandora is available now! New version contains many new features including OBO import and OBO export. See change log for a complete list of changes.


First results of Wandora's upcoming OBO flat file support are available! Download topic map conversion of Gene Ontology here.


Wandora Team wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008. Next Wandora update will be published by the end of January. Update contains OBO (Open Biological Ontology) import and several microformat extractors.


Aki Kivelä, one of Wandora authors, gives a presentation Topic Maps, Wandora, and a fistful of publishing projects at XML Finland's Topic Map meeting, November 14th. The presentation is here (in Finnish).


Yet Another Wandora Update! New version has RSS extractor, enhanced drag and drop features, preview for HTML subject locator, etc. See change log for complete list of changes.


Update! New Wandora version has been tested on Linux. Now you may run the application also on Linux and Unix systems with enclosed startup scripts.


Wandora Forum is now open for the community!


Wandora application updated! New version of Wandora has a graph visualization scheme for topic maps. Read more at Topic panels.

Get familiar with Wandora and meet us at the Third International Conference on Topic Maps Research and Applications 2007, TMRA'07 as Olli Lyytinen, one of the Wandora authors gives a gentle tutorial An introduction to Wandora covering Wandora's topic map editing and publishing features.


WordNet topic map updated! Wandora application updated!


Topic map conversion of WordNet is available here at WandoraWiki.


Tiny teaser: We are currently working on Graph Topic Panel extending Wandora's topic map visualization and editing features beyond the traditional table based topic panels. Graph Topic Panel is expected to be ready by the end of August 2007.

Wandora software was updated June 4th 2007. New version contains topic map analyzing tools and simple, yet powerful topic map generators. Application's look has also been polished.


Finnish National Gallery's Collections were today (May 24th 2007) released in Internet. This extensive information repository of Finnish and international art was implemented with Wandora. The site introduces over 33000 artworks, 6000 artists, and 14000 digital images of artworks. More detailed presentation about the Wandora implementation and the project is available at Topic Maps 2007 Conference site.


Wandora software was updated May 23rd 2007. New version has a SOAP api integrated. With the api it is possible to request topics and associations via WSDL calls. New package has also an example application created with Flash and Actionscript. The sample application implements a simple topic map browser.

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