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This service provides human friendly HTML access to the current topic map. The service's name is topic. To use the service module ensure the module is enabled in the configuration panel of embedded HTTP server and start the embedded HTTP server. The service URL is 

This will open an HTML table visualization of the topic currently open in Wandora. Generated HTML pages contain links to all other related topics using this link format allowing very easy browsing of the topic map. To generate a visualization of any topic use the URL parameter topic with a value of a subject identifier of the topic. For example, you can generate an HTML view of the topic Schema type with a request

The HTML page service also accepts the URL parameters si and sl. The former is used to address a topic with a subject identifier and latter a topic with it's subject locator. The screen captures below show examples of the HTML service's output.

Service topic 01.gif

Service topic 02.gif

This service uses the Apache velocity template engine to generate pages. The template files used are located in the templates directory. Other web resources such as images are located in the static folder. If you are familiar with Wandora's API and Velocity, it should be rather easy to modify the default template file.

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